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Project Description
The Italian SharePoint Accessibility Kit.

This Codeplex project will be the new repository where you can find information, links and components if you are interested to improve the accessibility featuares of Microsoft SharePoint.
The main focus is oriented towards the Italian community, because the whitepapers are written in Italian language and the project targets Italian accessibility law compliancy projects.
However, our main goal is to improve the overall accessibility features of the platform, which should not be tied to any specific government directives, but shuold instead be used as a general guideline for every web site.

Therefore, while this project does not represent an automatic tool for compliance check and fixing, it is nevertheless a good starting point for content editors and developers looking for best practices and guidance.

Release Status
The current release contains the SharePoint Accessibility Kit White Paper (in Italian), where you can find various information and guidelines about the SharePoint accessibile development.

The release contains some custom SharePoint components created in order improve the accesibility features:
- Search custom control (working with browser script disabled)
- Navigation custom controls (working with a well formed XHTML rendering)
- Master Page and Page Layouts samples.

The origin of the project
The Italian SharePoint Accessibility Kit is a project started in 2007 after a Green Team and Microsoft Italy initiative.
The planning phase dates back to the very early days of the Beta version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

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